How We Create Value

Incubex serves as the incubator for junior mining companies such as Maxima Silica, Namwoll, and Insa Coal. Through its robust processes and structures, Incubex assists these junior mines in realizing their full potential and achieving growth.

Our diverse portfolio of minerals enables us to meet the multitude of demands from various markets, ensuring each market receives the specific minerals it requires.

Incubex maximizes customer value by aligning its industrial minerals to meet market demand.

The Industrial Minerals market is driven by customer demand which is highly fragmented, with most minerals serving multiple distinct markets. Each market requires customized mineral specifications to meet its specific needs. Incubex Minerals tailors its products to meet specific market demands.

Incubex creates value by focusing on our key requirements for industrial minerals being green, critical and of high value.

Incubex has a balanced and experienced team to continue to build on its vision to be the leading Industrial Minerals supplier in South Africa.

Incubex is well positioned to continue to expand its operations and increase its market share both in South Africa and globally. The reason being that Incubex has assembled a team of professionals including geologists, metallurgists, legal advisors, accountants, logistics experts, marketers, and mining engineers. Our team boasts extensive experience across various industrial minerals, including but not limited to cement, fluorspar, heavy mineral sands, silica, wollastonite, bauxite, and potash. Additionally, we possess a comprehensive understanding of critical management processes such as processing, supply chain structures, logistics, and marketing. Moreover, our company covers and actively addresses its Ethical and Social Governance concerns, BEE requirements, and other legal obligations.